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Richard Ferguson 

After 8 years as a successful mortgage loan officer with Wells Fargo, I started a company in 2000 called Neighborhood Gold, which became the largest provider of down payment assistance in the country. My partner and I sold that company in late 2004. 


After selling my first company in 2004, I have invested in a number of small companies, in the renewable energy arena, technology, financial services, real estate, retail, and manufacturing industries, oftentimes providing close operational consultative services. I have a passion and interest in Energy technologies, and have worked on a number of solar development projects in CA and HI.


I founded another company in 2006 whose mission was to assist the small business owner obtain business financing. We did this through our direct lending relationships and through our consulting services. After a rocky start, we grew this company to employ over 60 people, and working with about 1000 new clients per month nationwide. In October 2009, we merged with FundingUniverse, and my partners and I began the process of creating a new technology to match business owners with sources of financing. In January of 2011, FundingUniverse raised a Series A round of financing, and I stepped down as COO to pursue other ventures I had previously invested in. 


Since 2011, while managing a number of previous investments - I have been working closely with a government housing agency to create a Fund, called the Chenoa Fund, whose aim it is to help FHA borrowers obtain access to down payment funds. This fund is live as of July 2013.

“Richard is one of the most innovative and honest financial services professionals I have worked with in over 30 years.”  


“I know no other business partner in financial services with such a refined sense of business etiquette as Richard. He is the consummate loan professional and a real asset to any business owner, vendor, or lender.”

 “I’ve never worked with anybody smarter with such probity.”

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