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Affordable Housing Solutions 

A commentary on housing issues with industry expert, Richard Ferguson 

Homeownership is the leading catalyst for creating household wealth, and studies show it also enhances family stability, leads to positive educational outcomes for kids, and improves overall quality of life.


Despite such benefits, homeownership remains beyond the reach of many, especially minority groups challenged by intergenerational poverty and trapped in a permanent underclass of renters.


While significant government efforts have been made to expand homeownership opportunities, we can do more.



Exploring the individual and collective benefits of expanding homeownership

The who, what, where, how and why of DPA

Here you will find helpful information that will illuminate issues facing policymakers as they seek to make the cornerstone of the American Dream a reality for all.

A look at legislation, administrative actions and other influences on the nation’s housing market

Housing inequality: The facts, and how we can do better


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